Internationaal schaaknieuws

04/04/2022 Frequented by chess fans, celebrities & the world champion: The inside story of The Good Knight
04/04/2022 Arjun Erigaisi wins 1st leg of MPL Indian Chess Tour
03/04/2022 Ligakampioenschap 2021–2022
02/04/2022 So and Nakamura in quiet start to Grand Prix final
02/04/2022 “I am surprised we still didn't mention Anish Giri”
02/04/2022 Nakamura overtakes Carlsen as rapid no. 1
01/04/2022 Vishy Anand joins Dvorkovich's bid for second term as FIDE president
01/04/2022 Nakamura wins Grand Prix | Both semis go to tiebreaks
31/03/2022 MPL Indian Chess Tour starts today
31/03/2022 Wesley So strikes first in Grand Prix semi-finals
30/03/2022 Mamedyarov and So reach Grand Prix semi-finals
28/03/2022 Nakamura and Rapport qualify for the Candidates
28/03/2022 $100,000 MPL Indian Chess Tour starts March 31st
27/03/2022 Aronian, Nakamura, So & Shankland all win on US day in Berlin
27/03/2022 Nakamura strike back in the FIDE Grand Prix
27/03/2022 Carlsen wins Charity Cup after Duda fightback
26/03/2022 Charity Cup Final 1: Carlsen leads after “exceptionally interesting” games
25/03/2022 How I went from 300-1500 in 9 months
25/03/2022 Charity Cup SF: Carlsen and Duda reach final
24/03/2022 Charity Cup QF: It’s Carlsen-Ding in the semis
23/03/2022 Aronian shocks Nakamura as final Berlin GP begins
23/03/2022 Charity Cup 4: Le wins | Rapport, Pragg & Vidit miss out
22/03/2022 Kremlin orders FIDE to overturn Sergey Karjakin's worldwide chess ban
22/03/2022 Aronian-Nakamura as final FIDE Grand Prix begins
22/03/2022 Charity Cup 3: Carlsen gets Praggnanandhaa revenge
21/03/2022 Russian grandmaster Sergey Karjakin banned from chess for 6 months over Ukraine stance
21/03/2022 Charity Cup 2: Le leads, Carlsen & Duda follow
21/03/2022 The Late Knight Show: Simon 'GingerGM' Williams
20/03/2022 Charity Cup 1: Ding beats Carlsen | Niemann & Le lead
19/03/2022 Carlsen-Duda as Charity Cup starts today
16/03/2022 Henrik Carlsen on the moment he had to pinch his arm
16/03/2022 Chennai wins right to host 2022 Chess Olympiad
15/03/2022 Magnus Carlsen tops field for Charity Cup, a UNICEF fundraiser
15/03/2022 Dvorkovich risks Putin wrath by breaking silence on war
14/03/2022 Rapport’s “leap of faith” wins Belgrade Grand Prix
13/03/2022 Snelschaak kampioenschap & stapjestoernooi in Beveren
12/03/2022 Belgrade GP Final 1: Sleepless night and a slow start
11/03/2022 Belgrade GP: Andreikin hits back to reach final
11/03/2022 Belgrade GP: Rapport in final, Andreikin-Giri goes to tiebreaks
10/03/2022 Ivanchuk echoes call for Russian players to be banned