Internationaal schaaknieuws

17/07/2016 GM Kotronias wins Ikaros
17/07/2016 Carlsen leads Bilbao by 3 points at the half
17/07/2016 MVL wins Dortmund by 1.5 points
17/07/2016 Bilbao 4: Magnus motors on
17/07/2016 Ikaros Chess Festival 2016 LIVE!
17/07/2016 Dortmund R6: MVL triumphs with a round to spare
17/07/2016 Delilah: A Voice for Important Causes
17/07/2016 Vachier-Lagrave dominates Dortmund
17/07/2016 Carlsen leads Bilbao by 3 points after 4 rounds
17/07/2016 Sasikiran wins XXXVI Open Internacional “VILLA DE BENASQUE”
16/07/2016 Gajewski wins Najdorf Memorial
16/07/2016 Special Summer Chess Camp in Fremont, California
16/07/2016 Nepomniachtchi leads Hainan Danzhou by a full point with 1 to go
16/07/2016 2 share 1st in Tromsø
16/07/2016 Xiong leads US Junior Championship by a full point
16/07/2016 Dortmund Rd 5: MVL is world no. 2
16/07/2016 Bilbao 3: Carlsen crushes Karjakin to take the lead
16/07/2016 Daily Chess Improvement: Chess Tactic Review
16/07/2016 Naiditsch dominates Gideon Japhet Memorial
16/07/2016 5-way tie for the lead in Tromsø after 8 rounds
16/07/2016 Carlsen wins again, leads Bilbao
16/07/2016 Baku Olympiad: New Visa Procedure for the Olympiad
15/07/2016 Vachier-Lagrave wins again in Dortmund, now #2 in the world!
15/07/2016 Carlsen makes a WC statement by beating Karjakin in Bilbao
15/07/2016 IM Studer wins Swiss Championship ahead of 4 GMs
15/07/2016 Norway Chess LIVE!
15/07/2016 Bilbao 2: Carlsen hits back to beat Wei Yi
15/07/2016 Harika Dronavalli Interview after Chengdu Grand Prix
15/07/2016 IM Frode leads Landsturneringen 2016 after 8
14/07/2016 4 share Najdorf Memorial lead
14/07/2016 Gelfand scored in game 2 vs Inarkiev
14/07/2016 Carlsen bounced back with a win vs Wei Yi with black
14/07/2016 Harika edged Humpy on tiebreaks to win Chengdu Women’s Grand Prix
14/07/2016 Dortmund R4: MVL takes the sole lead
14/07/2016 87th FIDE Congress: Announcement about the Delegates
14/07/2016 2016 SPICE Chess Camp at Webster University (with a SPECIAL all-girls class)
14/07/2016 160 players at the Open Aegean Championship!
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14/07/2016 Inarkiev 1/2 Gelfand in game 1 at Magas, Russia
14/07/2016 2016 SPICE Cup – $15,000 guaranteed – FREE entry fees – 10 GMs confirmed so far