Internationaal schaaknieuws

20/10/2021 Wesley So wins his 3rd US Chess Championship
19/10/2021 US Chess Champs 11: Caruana miss means 3-way playoff
18/10/2021 US Chess Champs 10: Carissa triumps | Fabi hits the front
18/10/2021 Praggnanandhaa wins Challengers Chess Tour with stunning 8.5/9
17/10/2021 US Chess Champs 8-9: Caruana back in the hunt
17/10/2021 Praggnanandhaa and Yoo storm into final
16/10/2021 The resilience of Wesley So: 2-time US Chess Champion
16/10/2021 It’s Keymer-Pragg & Liang-Yoo in the Semis!
14/10/2021 Pragg & Yoo reach Challengers Chess Tour semi-finals
14/10/2021 US Chess Champs 7: So strikes as Fabi makes comeback
13/10/2021 US Chess Champs 6: Caruana in free fall
13/10/2021 Young stars back for Julius Baer Challengers Chess Tour Finals
12/10/2021 US Chess Champs 5: Naroditsky beats Caruana
11/10/2021 Goryachkina’s dream start to Russian "Men’s" Superfinal
10/10/2021 US Chess Champs 4: Robson leads as So lets Caruana escape
09/10/2021 US Chess Champs 3: Caruana & Sevian join the leaders
08/10/2021 US Chess Champs 2: So strikes, Caruana escapes again
07/10/2021 Judit Polgar's Global Chess Festival: How you can get involved
07/10/2021 US Chess Champs 1: Caruana & Dominguez struggle
06/10/2021 Caruana & So in action as US Championships begin
05/10/2021 MCCT Finals: Carlsen 1st, Radjabov 2nd, Aronian 3rd
04/10/2021 MCCT Finals 8: Radjabov overtakes So
03/10/2021 Magnus Carlsen wins the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour
03/10/2021 Zilveren Toren 2022
02/10/2021 MCCT Finals 6: Carlsen stuns Giri with queen sac
30/09/2021 MCCT Finals 5: Carlsen dominates Nakamura
29/09/2021 MCCT Finals 4: Artemiev takes down Carlsen
28/09/2021 MCCT Finals 3: Wesley So gets back on track
27/09/2021 MCCT Finals 2: Carlsen extends lead after Armageddon win
25/09/2021 MCCT Finals: Carlsen and So score max points
25/09/2021 Carlsen, Duda & Giri in Oslo as Tour Finals begin!
23/09/2021 Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals: A Look At The Players And A Surprise For You Readers
22/09/2021 Magnus Carlsen signs World Championship contract
22/09/2021 Vincent Keymer wins the Hou Yifan Challenge
21/09/2021 Hou Yifan Challenge 3: Keymer in pole position after Pragg collapse
20/09/2021 Hou Yifan Challenge 2: Praggnanandhaa makes it 9/9!
19/09/2021 Hou Yifan Challenge 1: Praggnanandhaa perfect
18/09/2021 Magnus Carlsen wins 4th Norway Chess title
17/09/2021 Norway Chess 9: Carlsen wins 4th in a row, Firouzja in Top 10
17/09/2021 World’s youngest GM joins field for Hou Yifan Challenge