Internationaal schaaknieuws

06/07/2020 Ennio Morricone: “Had I not become a composer, I would have wanted to be a chess player”
05/07/2020 Magnus wins Chessable Masters despite “performance to forget”
04/07/2020 Quick chat with... David Kramaley, chess entrepreneur
04/07/2020 Chessable Masters 13: Magnus leads despite “insanity”
03/07/2020 Quick chat with... Jan Gustafsson, joker and Marshall Gambit expert
03/07/2020 Chessable Masters 12: It’s on! A Carlsen-Giri final
02/07/2020 FantasyChess Finals Contest for Chessable Masters
02/07/2020 Quick chat with... Pentala Harikrishna, India's immense talent
02/07/2020 Chessable Masters 11: Magnus in the final
01/07/2020 Chessable Masters 10: Magnus the Magnanimous
30/06/2020 Quick chat with... John Bartholomew, the Scandi king
29/06/2020 Chessable Masters 9: Ding sets up Carlsen showdown
29/06/2020 Chessable Masters 8: Giri in semis, Naka makes comeback
29/06/2020 Semifinals FantasyChess Contest
28/06/2020 Chessable Masters 7: Magnus & Nepo race into semis
27/06/2020 FIDE delays World Championship match, Candidates may move out of Russia
27/06/2020 Chessable Masters 6: Ding beats Naka, Giri’s 7-draw win
26/06/2020 Quick chat with... Erwin l'Ami, the theory specialist
26/06/2020 Chessable Masters 5: Carlsen and Nepo cruise
25/06/2020 Quick chat with... Kamil Plichta, the Pole with the cult following
24/06/2020 Chessable Masters 4: A Carlsen-Caruana rematch
24/06/2020 Quarterfinals FantasyChess Contest
23/06/2020 Quick chat with... Alex Colovic, the other Alexander from Macedonia
23/06/2020 Chessable Masters 3: Naka & Grischuk scrape through
22/06/2020 Quick chat with... Anna Rudolf, commentator extraordinaire
22/06/2020 Chessable Masters 2: MVL and Giri lead
21/06/2020 Quick chat with... Simon Williams, the cheekiest chap in chess
21/06/2020 Chessable Masters 1: Artemiev leads on bad day for Magnus
20/06/2020 Quick chat with... Christof Sielecki, award-winning best-seller
19/06/2020 FantasyChess Contest for Chessable Masters
18/06/2020 Nakamura-Carlsen as Chessable Masters begins
16/06/2020 Ruthless Giri wins the Mr Dodgy Invitational
15/06/2020 Carlsen wins Clutch Chess in absolute thriller
14/06/2020 Clutch Chess Day 7: Caruana’s double comeback
14/06/2020 Giri and Navara in Mr Dodgy Invitational final
13/06/2020 Clutch Chess Day 6: It’s a Carlsen-Caruana final
13/06/2020 No horsing around as favourites reach Mr Dodgy Invitational semis
12/06/2020 World’s Top 6 play the Chessable Masters
12/06/2020 Clutch Chess Day 5: Carlsen & So dominate
11/06/2020 The Mr Dodgy Invitational – it’s really happening!